Denmark,Nigeria To Tackle Irregular Migration.

Danish Denmark, Nigeria To Tackle Irregular Migration. Development Cooperation Minister Ulla Tornæs, on Wed, expressed her country’s determination to help African nation tackle irregular migration from the country to Scandinavian nation and Europe.


Tornaes was among that country’s Minister for Immigration and Integration, Inger Stojberg and also the Ambassador of the Scandinavian nation to the African nation, Torben Getterman among others.Tornaes explicit this whereas addressing journalists at the tip of a closed-door meeting between a delegation from Scandinavian nation and Foreign Affairs Minister Geoffrey Onyeama in the capital of Nigeria.

Tornaes, United Nations agency aforementioned that the delegation was conjointly in the African nation to strengthen the trade relations between the 2 countries, assured that a lot of Danish investors would return to speculate in an African nation.

Tornado said: “We are here in |Nigeria| Federal Republic of African nation|African country|African nation} to strengthen the trade relations between Nigeria and Scandinavian nation and it is conjoint to handle challenges of irregular migration to Europe.

“We have the superb discussion on however we will join forces a lot of and what we will do to handle the irregular migration to Europe and the way to help the African nation on returnees’ integration.

“We are attempting to handle the foundation causes of the migration and also the core of it’s what we will do to help African nation and different African countries to stem the tide”.

The aforementioned a number of the plans were to help through investment in key sectors like agriculture, education, job creation, and management.

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“We believe that the rationale why youth visit Europe is attributable to the shortage of the hope for the longer term.

“We would considerably wish to facilitate address the problem of education, health and everyone style of different development areas.”

She aforementioned that Scandinavian nation had conjointly aided the African nation in addressing the humanitarian crisis within the North-East.

In her remark, Stojberg aforementioned the 2 countries had in agreement to possess a delegation from the African nation to Scandinavian nation.

Stojberg aforementioned that this was to administer means for a few negotiations that will facilitate address the challenges Scandinavian nation was facing on the migration.

Receiving the delegation, Onyeama aforementioned there have been numbers of Nigerian irregular migrants in Scandinavian nation, adding that the 2 countries required to require the holistic approach to the problem.

He aforementioned that the meeting, additionally to addressing the irregular migration question, conjointly checked out the abilities development and management of the migrants.

The minister aforementioned that the 2 countries conjointly mentioned on what programs to place along to make the sure pregnant approach to addressing the migration issue.

He recommended Scandinavian nation for the support given to the African nation, particularly within the humanitarian crisis within the North-East.

Onyeama aforementioned that Scandinavian nation supported the African nation with $5 million bucks to help the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) within the North-East.

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