Trump to push New Immigration Rollback Sanders once Supported.

A New report indicates that President Donald Trump goes to still cannonball along his anti-immigration agenda, now by considerably curtailing cultural exchange programs within us.

Trump to push New Immigration
Trump to push New Immigration

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, the rollbacks being thought of by Trump would target 5 employment-based programs that square measure a part of the J-1 visa exchange-visitor program. Young foreigners, as well as au pairs and summer staff, may well be compact by the new policy if it’s placed into place.

This new policy would be a part of a bigger anti-Immigration Services push that Trump has been following in August. At the beginning of the month, he supported an endeavor by Sens. Tom Cotton of Arkansas and David Perdue of Georgia to cut back legal immigration by imposing a skills-based immigration system.

Trump same at the time that, “It has not been truthful to our folks, to our voters, to our staff.” The sides that the new bill “would represent the foremost important reform to our immigration system in 0.5 a century.”

While proposals just like the one pushed by Trump, Cotton and Perdue square measure typically less-traveled outside of the way right, Trump’s planned reform to the J-1 program may really garner leftist support, however not for its jingoism. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Green Mountain State denounced this program in 2013 throughout a speech that argued that “the J-1 program for foreign faculty students is meant to be used as a cultural exchange program, a program to bring children into this country to be told concerning our customs and to support international cooperation and understanding.

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